The majority of energy generated today is from unsustainable sources including coal, goas, oil and nuclear energy.  Large-scale hydro, while inherently cleaner, also brings damaging ecosystem impact.  The effects of these energy sources on regional and planetary health is becoming more and more evident, with climate change being the most worrisome of major global trends due to human activity.  We are learning about the benefits and details of having a safe, reliable, decentralized power grid relying completely on renewable energy powering incredibly efficient buildings and homes.

Discussion Questions:

What are fossil fuels and the advantages and disadvantages of them?


Define renewable energy and their advantages and disadvantages?


Solar Energy


  • Background and Description
  • Solar Statistics


Solar Energy System on Our Tiny House

Tiny House Experts

Patrick Murphy – Mechanical Engineer with R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP

Education: Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering



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