Fostering a true, inclusive sense of community that is just and equitable regardless of an individual’s background, age, class, race, gender or sexual orientation. A society that embraces all sectors of humanity and allows the dignity of equal access and fair treatment is a civilization in the best position to make decisions that protect and restore the natural environment that sustains all of us.

Discussion Questions:

What are some key social challenges of shelter?

  • Housing for elderly
  • Homelessness
  • Community Access

What is the national and global approach to housing?

  • Home ownership
  • Single Family homes
  • Expectations
  • Success as a driver
  • Housing loans

Addressing Equity Challenges Using the Tiny House

What ideas do you have on how the tiny house movement can help address challenges?

What can we do as individuals to advocate for change, assist in improvements?

Tiny House Experts

Vincent O. Leggett – Executive Director – Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis

Vincent O. Leggett was appointed Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis, (HACA) in December 2010 and recently began his third year heading the agency. Leggett began his career in public housing in 1987 when he was appointed Executive Director of the Anne Arundel County Maryland Housing Commission (Housing Commission.) Post the Housing Commission, Leggett served with two public service agencies, the Anne Arundel Community College and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (as a planning consultant on several high profile community development and neighborhood revitalization projects within Maryland.)

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