Our Learning Experience

Guiding Questions for Camp Participants:

  • What is “home?” and how is it different from shelter?

  • How can housing be more sustainable?

  • What resources are available to affect change?

  • What can I do to affect change for more sustainable housing?

Living Building Challenge


The educational framework for the Tiny House Camp is based on the Living Building Challenge (LBC), an international sustainable building certification program created in 2006 by the non-profit International Living Future Institute. The goal of the certifying organization is to improve the sustainable quality of buildings and construction. The LBC comprises seven performance areas: site, water, energy, health, materials, equity and beauty.  The Tiny House Camp will focus on five of these areas:  materials, health, water, energy and equity.  For more information on this framework, click here.

Tiny House Education Schedule

An important part of the Tiny House Project is the educational experience will feature a “classroom” component where campers dedicate 30-45 minutes to learning more about a particular topic associated with sustainable shelter and consider how those topics relate back to four “Guiding Questions” raised by the concept of sustainable shelter.  The balance of each day will be spent building the house.

Day 1 of each week will be dedicated to Camp Orientation that includes:

  • Getting to know each
  • Understanding camp expectations and charter
  • Camp Overview including background on SustainaFest
  • Safety and Tool Training
  • Overview of Build Plan and Goals
  • Overview of Education Plan and Goals
  • Tiny House Construction

Days 2-5 of each week will be dedicated to Tiny House construction and our 5 Learning Areas.

Check out our Learning Areas








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