What We Finished, Day 15


The Sustainafest Tiny House team did a big thing with this build. Today we were able to install wall finish, spackle and sand our water board and ceiling and paint our water filtration storage. What a great experience for everyone involved. Thank you and great job to everyone involved.

Game Plan, Day 15

Last Day! We will be finishing the remaining siding and trim, continuing with interior carpentry, and have an event for campers, volunteers, family, and friend involved in the build. Feel free to come by 3:30-5.

What We Finished, Day 13


As we geared up for thursdays event our campers and volunteers moved forward with siding, trim and the lemonade stand. Although it was one of the hottest days of the build, everyone stayed focused and safe! Great job everyone, thank you for everything.

Game Plan, Day 13

We can finish up our siding tomorrow and begin working on flooring. The solar panels will be up and running by the end of the day tomorrow and we can start looking toward more interior work.