What We Finished, Day 11


Great start to a big week!! All our windows are now taped, padded, and trimmed. The interior has a good amount of finished plywood up and is ready for solar installation.


What We Finished, Day 9


Three out of four sides now have band board, our entrance shelf is build and ready to be installed, we have one kitchen shelf build and ready to hang while another is framed out, and we finished installing all the windows. If you haven’t come by to see it yet, now is the time to see our tiny house as it is beginning to really look like a home. Great work today campers and thank you volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you!!

What We Finished, Day 6

Day 6

Today was an amazing day. We finished staining the siding and began installation. By the end of the day we also built and installed the bathroom wall, installed the rear window, and finished the first of our two hand rails for the steps. Great job campers and a huge thanks to our volunteers for everything that was accomplished today!