Happy 4th!

Numbers were down on the last day of week three due to the holiday weekend, but we still forged ahead and had a great, relaxed pace day of building. We started off with a an exercise problem solving and teamwork. The students were given the task of assembling some scaffolding to allow us to install this higher pieces of plywood.


Figuring it out

After the scaffold was in place (and deemed safe by an adult), we went back to the task of nailing up plywood to the outside of the house while a few campers built the last of the parapet walls for the roof. While everyone was occupied with nailing, RB and one of our high school volunteers began prepping our salvaged windows and adding some framing so we can install them next week.


View from the top


Marking studs


Getting ready for windows


Looks like a pro

We didn’t set any speed records during the day, but we certainly had fun. The smaller numbers made for some great (and certainly interesting) conversations about what everyone is taking away from this experience. It was a great start to the holiday.

Happy 4th!


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