End of Week 1…On to Week 2!

It’s hard to believe week one has already come and gone. The campers did a fantastic job and really got this project started on the right foot. The final morning education session for the week included a showing of Plastic Paradise, a film that explores the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the effects of our “rabid plastic consumption”. By utilizing films such as this, we are able to continue the conversation about sustainability beyond tiny houses and into our everyday lives.

Out at the build site, campers put some finishing touches on our newly build floor and then turned their attention to the walls. They quickly found out that precision is important and planning takes just as much time as, if not more than, assembling.


That’s going to be nice window!

Today, we kicked off a new week with a new crew of 6 campers, three of which have returned for a second week of building. Our week one veterans stepped up and help provide the overview of SustainaFest and the mission of the Indian Creek Tiny House Project for our newbies. Their “expertise” also proved beneficial out on the job-site, helping to teach proper hammering technique and other skills they learned last week. I would also like to mention and thank our high school volunteers who have been a tremendous help in coaching along our campers and making sure everyone is working safely. Our attention for this entire week will be building the rest of the walls for our house and the crew jumped right in today framing the front wall where our main entrance will be. it has been great to watch the progress made in just a few days or even a few hours of practice when it comes to swinging a hammer. If they keep this up, we might have to start building two houses each summer!


Always a teacher


Measure twice, cut once! 


Happy High School Helpers


Friendly faces back for a second week


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