Day 4 – Ready for the walls

Day 4 of the Tiny House Build here at Indian Creek started off with a morning session on the art and significance of using reclaimed and re-purposed materials by our very own lead builder RB and Indian Creek teacher Mr. Vince Franco. Want some inspiration for your own home? Check out these 26 re-purposed ordinary objects.

Back in the workshop, campers finished installing the subfloor, adding lock-washers to all of the carriage bolts under the trailer, and then tackled the dreaded LVL. This laminated veneer lumber is a dense piece of material made from gluing and pressing many layers of thin wood and is typically used for headers and load-bearing beams. We started with a piece 11 1/4″ wide and 1 3/4″ thick and ripped it down the middle. Then the campers set to the task of nailing the two halves together creating a double-beam that will serve as a major support rafter when we get to the roof. Nailing into this hard material with large framing nails proved to be quite the challenge but our ICS Eagles persevered. They may have doubled the weight of the beam with the amount of nails they sunk into it, but there’s no way that thing is ever coming apart.


Check those bolts good!


All hands on deck


Resting at the end of a long day


That floor is solid!


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