Floor It!

We’ve made it to the halfway point of week 1 and today was all about insulation and installing the subfloor. The day started off with a visit from our good friend and former SustainaFest employee, Wade Boarman. Wade just returned to Maryland from a cross-country trip and a month at the Earthships Biotecture Academy in New Mexico. He shared his experiences with the campers, highlighting techniques he learned to create extremely efficient, completely sustainable, and wildly unique homes. Then it was back to work. A few brave campers spent much of their morning underneath the trailer getting a good arm workout, tightening the carriage bolts that hold the house in place. While they worked away, the rest of the group installed the band boards, batt insulation donated by the great folks at Complete Home Solutions, and OSB subfloor. We still have a few pieces left to install, but this crew will undoubtedly make quick work of that task tomorrow.


Make sure it’s tight!


Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it


Installing band boards


Watch out for the glue Mr. Franco


Nailed it. 


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