Tiny House #2 is under way!

June 15, 2015 – After months of planning and preparation, including the complete design of a brand-new tiny house model, the day finally arrived. For the next 5 weeks, SustainaFest will lead an exploration of sustainable human infrastructure and construction of our “Ekahi” model micro home at the Indian Creek School summer camp. Approximately 30 7th-9th graders will participate throughout the summer, gaining first-hand experience installing floor joists, framing walls, setting rafters…and hammering a whole lot of nails. On top of the carpentry lessons, campers will also investigate what it takes to live a more sustainable lifestyle and how they can “live small” even in a normal-sized house. A team of fascinating guest speakers will help campers take the building experience beyond the camp and connect it with their personal lives. Energy experts, sustainable building designers, homelessness prevention advocates, and even a few real-life tiny house dwellers will stop by and share in the fun.

We kicked-off the program today with an overview of the build and why we at SustainaFest think tiny houses are a BIG deal. From there, our lead carpenter, RB, took over for safety and “Framing 101”. Campers learned how to layout floor joists, handle a chalk line, and practiced hammering. Then we spent the rest of the day building our custom flooring structure and preparing the trailer to install the floor. It was a hot and humid day but everyone left smiling and feeling proud of their accomplishments. Tomorrow will being installing the floor assembly on the trailer.


Safety lesson from RB


Laying out the joists


Hammer time!


Nailing the floor system


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