Game Plan, Week 9

Next week is full of finish carpentry, including the trim detail, the trades will come in (electric and plumbing) and finish up, and the bathroom will get the last stainless steal wall, sink, composting toilet, and fixtures.


What We Finished, Week 8

This week we got the AC in, the ventilation housing in, and one stainless steal wall up. We also framed out the bed and started planning for the Tiny House tour schedule. 

What We Finished, Week 6

What a week! Although we had some issues with the torrential downpours, we were able to get a lot done. The roof is finished, including our gutter system, the house has moved to it’s new location on Key School’s campus, and we are beginning talks with schools and venues to start our Tiny House Tour.

Game Plan, Week 6

Most of the work left to be done is detailed carpentry. This means the edges get trim, the exterior light goes up, and the bathroom begin to come together. This is a big week for our tiny house. By Friday the interior should look pretty close to a finished product.